Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life for Me.

We are SO excited! I actually think I'm more excited than Ryan is...he grew up going to Disneyland, so its nothing really new...me, on the other hand, have been 3 times! We leave tomorrow with Ry's family! Blog post soon to follow. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

first comes love then comes marriage..

 My great friend Meggie got married this weekend! Beautiful bride, beautiful ceremony, and a beautiful reception! Love you lots Meggie!

She had a photo booth. Bailey and I took full advantage of it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who needs a Jetta anyway?

SURPRISE!!! Mmmhmmm...take a look at my new rig! I loved my new Jetta, but once I knew I could get my hands on this bad boy, I had to make the switch! My new Ford Model A! Thanks Ry Ry : )

Naaah just teasing...Ry's uncle Mike rebuilds cars and this was one of his creations. It sure was fun to ride in though!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Getaways Rock!

I'm up way too late...it is way past my bedtime. The reasoning for this is because I have cramps like you wouldn't believe. I even took a pain killer for them, took a hot bath, and have been laying down with a heating blanket for the past hour. Nothing is seeming to help. What the crap!! Oh the joys of womanhood.

Do you all know that I have the best family in the entire world?...scratch that...the entire universe? Seriously. I was able to go to Utah this last weekend with my parents and sis Bailey. Our family has a cabin up in Sandy and I hadn't been there in a while. I always forget how much I love that place until I go again. Ry has yet to go up there. It shant be long though. Anywho...one of our good friends got married and so that is why we went. Beautiful wedding, gorgeous weather, and good laughs.
 Bailey and I had a great time keeping my parents entertained from the back of the car. Thank goodness they don't get annoyed with us or it would have been a looooong ride.
 One thing I love about Bailey is that she LOVES to take pictures : )
 My mama is absolutely stunning in every way!
 Handsome Aaron Allred! His bride was BEAUTIFUL! Had a stunning ivory, full lace dress with ADORABLE coral colored high heels (same colors as my wedding)
 My dad rocks Afros
 We came across this fun candy toy store..
 My parents rock harder than your parents....
The weather was beautiful and I think we all enjoyed every minute of it!
 My family is beautiful...wish everyone could have been there!
After the weekend was over I was anxious to get home to my babe...like always : )
Summer needs to get here pronto...I need a tan, and I need to let the warm wind come through my sunroof, and I need to get a trip to Disneyland, and these dang cramps need to go away STAT! Goodnight!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother

Happy Mother's day to my beautiful, talented, compassionate, loving, perfect mother! I sure love you and love everything about you. Thanks for all you do. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Happy Cinco De Mayo & Birthday to my boss!

 My Boss's birthday is May 5th. Every year the staff puts on a birthday party/Cinco De Mayo party since they are on the same day! We had such a fun time decorating the night before. His wife said no one has ever done as much as we did this year! I love the ladies I work with. We have gotten so close and we have too much fun! (Juli....I wish you could have been there to celebrate with us! It still isn't the same without you!)
 His wife brought some yummy mexican finger foods!

My mom made her delicious peanut butter cup cupcakes! Everyone LOVED them!!
 And we also put together a gift basket for him. 2 movie tickets, movie candy, popcorn, and IBC rootbeer. A fun date night with his wifey : )
 52 years old!! I told him he's just got a few more years left...poor guy! We love giving him a hard time!
 Our boss is sure lucky to have us : ) and so are our patients!

New Project

 Thank goodness for a short last name! And thank goodness for a talented Mother-in-law and mother and sister! Thanks for your help! I love the feeling of accomplishment! It feels so great. If I had the money and time I would do projects everyday! This was by far my favorite project I have done so far. I actually got the idea of the wooden ovals and letters from Bree! (Thanks sis) Enjoy and feel free to take the idea! It could also make a fun wedding gift : ) for someone with a short last name of course.