Sunday, April 3, 2011

Babies babies babies

 This weekend for Conference we decided to go to Jerome where Ry's family lives. Since my family was in Arizona. Luckily we did because Ry's sister had her second baby Saturday. It was a pretty crazy weekend with her being in the hospital and us taking care of Madison (The big sister) She's an out of control child! But she's a silly girl. I went to Target with Carissa (Ry's sister) to get some stuff for the baby. We bought Madison a new baby doll and it seemed like she was only interested in the dolls binky. She's sucking on it in the picture. Seeing Carissa having contractions and the time after having the baby...made me want to wait longer to have one of my own. YIKES! Don't know how I'll ever get through it! (And I thought I wanted to watch the whole thing haha!)
 Precious Reagan Alexis Morgan. Looks exactly like her big sister Madison. 7lbs 7oz.
 I'm another aunt!!
And for some more exciting news! Ry bought me a new car! We have been running on one car since we've been married. It's actually worked out really well, but we decided it was time to step up and get a second one! We both fell in love with the 2011 Jetta and we both love black! I named her Black Swan and I'm loving her!
With other news...Work is still going good. Ry is stepping up in his job and I'm so proud of him! He's still having fun collecting his vinylmations and spends lots of time decided which one to get next. Nancy and Kent (Ry's parents) came back with a few of them from New York. And mom and dad got him one in arizona! Thanks guys!