Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Hello blog readers..sorry about the major slackage!  We had such a great Christmas this year and New Years!  It was Ry's families turn to have us on Christmas day.  However, my family lucked out because we had Christmas Eve on Friday night with them and then Christmas Day on Saturday morning.  We ended up arriving in Jerome Saturday night to spend Christmas Eve with Ry's dad's dysfunctional side of the family!  (What a night : )  We then enjoyed a nice, relaxing Christmas Day with his parents and sister, Brooklyn.  That night Nancy's parents and Ry's rest of the family came over for presents and a delicious dinner.  It is tradition for his family to have prime rib on Christmas Day.  Nancy knows how much I HATE prime rib so, she made me a ham all to myself!  She is so wonderful and I definitely have to admit that they do spoil me.

I feel horrible that we got absolutely NO pictures during Christmas break to share.

New Years was, by far, the best yet!  First reason being, I had my first New Years kiss.  Is that just sad or what???  Last year, Ry and I went to bed at 9 freaking 30!!  Before being married, I was just a big fat loser!  Second reason being, we spent it with our bestest friends, Sidnee and Stephen Murray.  We enjoyed some delicious dinner, played at Jump Time until mine and Sidnee's wet panties could no longer take it because of laughing so hard, danced to Sid's parent's Kinect, and enjoyed some Mormon bubbly after sitting in the hot tub.  We were also able to make it to the basement in time to watch the New York ball drop (first time ever seeing that too!).  We love you guys!  Next year, we may have to put in some money for some babysitters?  Yeah?  Maybe I shouldn't speak too soon.  Hopefully Ry doesn't read this post........

Once again, so sorry I have no pictures to share.  Love you all!


  1. Love you Dano! Neither one of us took pics. I hate that. We are so happy that we got to still have you for Christmas. Next year the Clarks will be with us. Heaven!

  2. By the way, when the time comes we would love to babysit for you. :)

  3. Haha between this and your facebook "prank" you sure have people wondering! lol.