Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dating Days

 I have been such a bore when it comes to blogging these days.  I get into ruts where I just don't feel like I have anything I want to blog about.  I love looking back at old pictures so I decided to post pictures of when Ry and I were dating.  We had some of the funnest dates ever!

 One of the very first times we hung out we made ice cream sculptures. Ry made stairs, and I made a star. My star looked hideous (I won't be posting a picture because it is too embarrassing) which made for some great laughs that night!
 Our very first walk on the greenbelt (actually it was our only walk on the greenbelt). HA Ry had a cold sore that day...no kisses for me : (
 Our first trip down to Arizona together.  We went down for my cousins wedding a couple months before we drove back down to get married!
 This is what we arrived to! My family and GG welcoming us : )
 We were told a couple times that we look alike....hmmmm....not seein it!
 Still in AZ at the wedding....love him to death!...although I didn't know what I was getting myself into when this picture was taken...ALL JOKES! He is so freaking handsome and the absolute best husband anyone could ever ask for. Perfect in every way!
 MmmmHmmm...I picked a good one! He looks so great...he always looks great of course! Ry has been working so hard to get some of the weight off that he has brought on since we were married.  He's already lost 10 pounds!! Keep it up babe!
 Birthday time!
 Want to know how I know I made the right choice?....It's because he makes ALMOST as hideous faces as I do and he's not afraid to show them off! Even though the picture below isn't recent....I've still got it in me!
 First picture taken EVER with the new camera he bought me for my birthday before we were married. Matter of fact, it was on our back porch!
 First Roaring Springs trip with each other! Come on Ry, Really? He wants you to think he's sleeping but really....he's faking it ; )
 First HOCKEY GAME together!

First time we flew a kite together!

First time meeting our nephew, Cannon!
 And first time being in the temple together where we soon arrived again to be sealed for time and all eternity. Love my sugar buns!


  1. Dani Poo Magoo! What a great date... ice cream sculptures, how come I never thought of that before?! haha I'm jealous you guys took pictures together on your first date... looking back now I wish we would have done that. You two are truly adorable together and it makes me so happy to see you so happy :) Love you!

  2. Cute! You guys did some fun things! I wish bryce and I had more pictures of when we were dating. Keep the posts coming!
    Love you.

  3. You guys are so stinkin cute! I wish i looked as cute as you in every picture!!! Miss you dani girl!