Monday, September 26, 2011

Hubbs is gonzo...

My Ry Ry left to go to ARIZONA for some crappy work thing....I don't care why he went I care that he went without ME! How dare him right?  So basically I miss his guts. Thats all. 

He is losing weight and is looking great as ever!! Go babe!  Him and his Disneyland love...
I should probably give a little update....its been a while.  I quit my job at the Chiropractor's office and applied at Scentsy!  So far, I am absolutely loving everything about it but the hours....still trying to get use to working a night shift.  Seeing less of my Ry, eating late at night, waking up later in the morning.  ALTHOUGH, I am doing great at waking up and working out before work!  Working at Scentsy we get FREE access to their gym...LOVE IT!  We also get free access to the best trainer EVER!  Ry is still working for Edward Jones.  While staying very busy by working and hardly seeing each other ever...we make it a strong effort to enjoy the time we have together by eating healthy, working out, and reading our scriptures and praying everyday.  We are happier, healthier, and more energized!  We highly recommend it : )  Good day to you all!

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